Strangers In The Night

up to a certain age one believes
that the life one is about live 
brings extraordinary things with  
but one day in autumn the trees have lost its leaves

you wake up rubbing the sleep out of your eyes
one cold morning in September
the inner child that you just simply can’t remember
there’s nothing extraordinary about me anymore, you realize

at some point you start to wonder
while the last leaf has hit the ground 
is there a point where you simply can’t turn around 
thoughts inside your head as loud as thunder

you already have chosen your path
for big decisions there is often only one chance
but then you meet a stranger, giving him an admiring glance
thoughts then running wild, having a bubble bath 

he tells you about the dreams, he does achieve
sitting at the lake while the sun has gone to sleep
at night conversation has gone too deep
and suddenly again, you start to believe


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